About Us

About us


“I wanted to do something great in our local borough that would affect people in a positive way. Growing up in Rome, I wanted to share a flavour of Italy. We are known for our great coffee and I feel we have provided a service that is unique, fun and offers a great selection from our small van that’s big on taste!”

Alberto April 2015


Joe + Santini is a local company with new beginnings. We are excited about being able to provide a service across our local community. We had great fun taking our little van (nickname The Alfredina) to the West End for a photo shoot for our website. The van got a lot of attention and lots of photos were taken by the general public.

We work with professionalism, with dedication and an appreciation for our craft. Our business is ever changing, and we are so excited to be moving forward with all the new things we have planned for the future. But at the same time, we have every intention of remaining true to our humble beginnings. The idea was built upon our love for our community, and wanting to provide a great local service.

Follow along on Facebook or Twitter as you never know where we might pop-up. We have been a long time in the planning but our first event will be in May at Ashburton Carnival on 24 May 2015. We’d love to see you there!